Transforming SBAB's Image

Illustrating a friendlier bank
SBAB brand illustration

SBAB is a leading mortgage provider that offers a comprehensive range of services to assist customers in every stage of their housing journey.

Following the rebranding of their identity, illustration has become an integral part of SBAB's communication strategy. The use of a simple, playful style has been instrumental in humanizing the bank's image, making it more approachable and transparent to customers.

SBAB ränta på ränta illustration
SBAB icon collection 1

To ensure consistency and high-quality execution in all their illustration output, SBAB sought the expertise of our team. As a result, we have been entrusted with the responsibility of managing all of SBAB's illustration needs. Our team has been working closely with SBAB to produce engaging and visually appealing illustrations that effectively communicate their message to customers.

SBAB icon collection 2
SBAB buffert illustration
Klarna 404 illustration