Growth power to cultural alliance KLYS

Diversity mushrooms in Swedish colour palette empowers cultural policy

The objective was to help KLYS - an alliance of 14 national unions within arts & culture – to define a concept and strategy for the visual communication of KLYS 'cultural policy election platform ahead of the parliamentary elections in September 2022.

We developed a concept for the entire campaign, which we called Growth Power (Växtkraft). We wanted to show that Sweden can have a magnificent cultural Spring if it urgently invests in reviving the culture's ecosystem and food web through KLYS 'concrete proposals for measures.

Klys Instagram campaign
creative copyright illustration
diversity mushroom illustration

Our Growth Power concept is sprung from the enormous resilience shown by the cultural sector throughout the pandemic. It displays the inherent power of the arts as the infrastructure of life itself - such as seeds, pupae and spores that layed dormant during the pandemic winter and which with proper nutrition, sunlight and care can finally flourish och thrive. The time has come for those in power to release the impetus of growth and welcome a new Spring for the arts!

napping with books illustration
Spyglass illustration

A key part of the project was the creation of an illustration palette embodying the various themes in the message, such as social security, diversity work and copyright.

social security illustration
Creative freedom illustration
support the arts illustration

In our palette, diversity was fashioned as mushrooms; we only see the fruits, but below the surface lies an enormous network that holds together the micro life, the trees, the meadows and is an important part of any sustainable ecosystem. In a similar way, we wanted to show that those of us who create culture and art build our own social security – our greenhouse (a place for rest, recovery, support and security) – through our creative production, our authorship. We draw it - that's why it exists.

painting a mushroom illustration
Planting pot illustration
Smelling flower illustration
Klys color palette

Colorful Swedish nature.

The colors are full of vigor and the color palette we developed is derived from Swedish nature - poppies, lilacs, forests, lichens, etc. - and connects the visual identity to a coherent whole.

Smelling flower illustration
Klys color palette

A font Swedes have a relationship with

The font we chose for the project is Tranemo, developed by a contemporary Swedish font designer from the small town of Kil in Värmland (Kil is an important railway junction with busy railways in five different directions!) - Andreas Nymark - and is a modern interpretation of the Tratex font used on our national road signs and thus a font Swedes have a relationship with. With this design decision we wanted to show a clear direction and strengthen the message that cultural initiatives and policy has to benefit the whole country.

Klys growth power print
Illustrated broschure cover
Illustred broschure spread
Klys tote bag growth power